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LAN/WAN Management and Network Integration

Case Study # 1: A Homebuilder Company

A homebuilder of 40 employees needed to network their computers together, so RG Technical Solutions, LLC implemented a Windows NT network. As their business grew, so did their need to become safely connected to the Internet for internal and external access and we connected them to the Internet through a firewall to allow connection with appropriate controls. Their business continued to grow and they found an increasing need for remote access to their network to help their staff be most effective. Once again, RG Technical Solutions, LLC developed a solution for this company, assisting in the creation of a wide area network (WAN) environment linking the remote offices to the main office while still maintaining central control over Internet activity. And when their Internet needs grew beyond gaining access to provide a web presence to their clients, RG Technical Solutions, LLC was there to assist in the design and programming of an interactive web site which was met with rave reviews. This repeat client was so pleased with the work performed by RG Technical Solutions, LLC that they kept coming back with additional projects. We look forward to working with them again and again for many years to come.

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