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Application Migration and Enhancements

Knowing how and when to upgrade to the latest release of software, or understanding how to expand your network to grow with your business are sometimes mysterious and confusing. RG Technical Solutions, LLC makes it easy. We help our clients migrate to new operating systems without service interruption. We web-enable existing systems. We will even manage your entire IT systems, staff, equipment and all. Our solutions are customized to fit your specific needs with defined service levels to ensure the service you get is the service you want.

And keeping applications current in a constantly changing world can be a challenge for a growing business. RG Technical Solutions, LLC has helped numerous clients move applications from older, legacy computing platforms to state-of-the-art databases running on current technology. This has allowed our clients to protect their IT investments while still taking advantage of the latest systems enhancements.

Here are some other examples of recent RG Technical Solutions, LLC projects:

  At a mid-sized regional home builder, RG Technical Solutions, LLC helped update our client's IT environment to allow for new software growth and flexibility by successfully migrating a client from a Novell Network to Windows NT.
  A growing industrial textile company needed to improve application performance and reliability. RG Technical Solutions, LLC accomplished this by implementing a clustered server environment that allowed improved reliability and fault tolerance, which in turn improved up time and productivity and overall client satisfaction.
  One longtime client needing to operate on a strict budget looked to RG Technical Solutions, LLC to help find ways to optimize the system. We assessed their IT network configuration and suggested improvements. The result was replacing individual dial-up PC's with a single Citrix Metaframe solution resulting in significant savings and easier access for management.

Keeping our clients in the right technology at the right time is our goal. And with over 15 years of experience, we know we can deliver.